Leasing Permits

Lot Owners wishing to rent their property must request a Leasing Application from Management Company and adhere to application guidelines and Amendment to Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Easements for McClure Place – Section 2, Exhibit C.

In order to protect the equity of the individual Lot Owners at McClure Place, to carry out the purpose for which the Community was formed by preserving the character of the Community as a homogeneous residential community of predominately owner-occupied homes and by preventing the Community from assuming the character of a renter occupied apartment complex, and to comply with any eligibility criteria for financing in the secondary mortgage market insofar as such criteria provide that the Community be substantially owner-occupied, leasing of Lots shall be governed by restrictions imposed in this section.

Upon availability, Lot Owner will be granted a Leasing Permit.


A Leasing Permit will be automatically revoked if any of the following events occur.

  •  The sale or transfer of the Lot to a third party (excluding sales or transfers to an
    Owner’s spouse, a person cohabiting with the Owner, or a corporation,
    partnership, company, or legal entity in which the Owner is a principal.)
  •  The failure of a Lot Owner to lease his/her Lot within six (6) months of the Leasing Permit having been issued
  •  The failure of a Lot Owner to have his or her Lot leased for any consecutive six month period thereafter
  •  The occurrence of the date referenced in a written notification by the Owner to the Association that the Owner will, as of said date, no longer need the Leasing Permit
  • Landlords renewing their Tenants Lease must request and complete a NEW Leasing Permit, which will accompany the NEW Lease stating the new terms
  • Move In- Move Out

    In consideration of other Homeowners, please note that Tenants are restricted to the hours
    between 9 am – 11 pm for move-in/move-out.