Mailbox Address Marker and Post Replacement

Strickland Metal Craft is the company that provided and installed the mailboxes, address markers and posts establishing the requirement
outlined in our community covenants and standards.

Mailbox Address Marker & Post Replacement
Strickland Metalcraft
6222 James Road
Austell, Georgia 30168

For replacements, please call Kathy at 770-732-9391 and reference McClure Place subdivision.

Established colors are black mailboxes with the customary red flag, black posts and silver numbers and borders with a black background on the address marker.

To preserve longevity of the post it is recommended that you sand any rust off and paint on an annual basis with a glossy black Rust-Oleum paint.
Note: Mailbox Marker trick – spray the marker with black paint and take an electric sander to bring back the silver finish.

Pricing Structure

Mailboxes can be purchased from Home Depot for $20.44 inclusive.
Installation and removal available from the company:
Address Marker: No longer being made
Post: $95.00
Strickland Metalcraft will refurbish your address marker for $65

Labor to remove and install – $150.00 per home
If 5 or more installs during the same visit to the subdivision – $100.00 per home and $85.00 per post per home.

A qualified handyman could install the post with the homeowner picking up the materials from Strickland Metalcraft.
Please call for current prices as they are subject to change without notice.