McClure Place Community Standards

(updated April 2019)

The quality of our community and our mutual property values depend upon group
effort and cooperation. Residents are expected to exercise restraint, courtesy, tolerance
and consideration of others in matters of personal conduct and lifestyle that may affect
their neighbors.

The Board of Directors has published these Community Standards to amplify and
complement the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions Restrictions and Easements for
McClure Place (“Declaration”) and the By-Laws of McClure Place Homeowners’
Association, Inc. Please also refer to the Declaration and By-Laws for information not
covered here.


To preserve the architectural appearance within the community, no building,
fence, wall, sign or other structure or improvement of any kind shall be
commenced, constructed, erected, placed, maintained, altered, changed, added
to, modified or reconstructed on any Lot without prior approval from the
Architectural Control Committee (“ACC”). Architectural Control and Use
Restrictions are contained in the Declaration at Exhibit C. All questions and
applications for such changes must be submitted in writing to our management company,
Community Management Associates (CMA).


A. All lot owners and occupants are required to maintain their lots in a neat
and attractive condition. Lawns should be regularly mowed and
landscaping should be maintained. Landscaping maintenance shall
include, but not be limited to, edging along the curb and driveway,
pulling weeds and grass from shrub/tree/flower areas, and removal of
grass or weeds that appear in cracks in driveway. All excess clippings
from mowing should be swept from the street and driveway and bagged
in appropriate paper lawn disposal bags. Disposal bags should be stored
out of sight until properly disposed of. Clippings should not be emptied
or allowed to flow to storm drains in order to help prevent storm drain
clogging and/or overflow. No clippings or other debris shall be disposed

in retention pond or other common areas. Shrubbery should be trimmed
and not allowed to grow more than 12 inches above the bottom of the
window sill on windows on front of the house. Any other shrubbery
should not be allowed to reach the roof height.


A. Laundry – Outside drying of laundry is not permitted if visible from the

B. House Painting – Any changes in the existing color must be submitted to
the ACC. All house painting should be in neutral tones. All trim must be
either white or an off-white variation in color. The color of the shutters
must be in harmony with the neutral tone of the exterior walls. All color changes of paint shall include paint chip from the paint manufacturer of color selection when application is submitted to the management company for ACC approval.

C. General Maintenance of Improvements – Roofs, gutters and window
shutters should not be in disrepair. Any missing or damaged shutters
should be replaced or repaired.
D. Out Buildings – No stand alone building of any kind including, but not
limited to, storage sheds and dog houses are permitted.

E. Fences – All fences within the community must be approved by the ACC.
All fences must be made of cedar or pressure treated wood and shall not
be white or any other color. Each support post must be cemented into the
ground. Finished sides should face the street or toward the outside of the
property. The fence should not be placed any closer to the street than two-
thirds (2/3) of the rear depth of the house to the front of the house and have
a maximum height of six (6) feet. Should there be any potential drainage problems
as a result of erecting the fence which would impact neighbors, the neighbors must
be consulted in the ACC approval process. Applications for any fence
work must include the style, height and location of the fence in relation
to the applicants dwelling and neighboring homes. Homeowners are
encouraged to weather treat fences to protect their investment and sustain
an acceptable appearance.
F. Decks/Patios – All additions of decks, patios and similar exterior
improvements must receive prior ACC approval. The ACC will consider
the aesthetic appearance of the addition in relation to its harmony with the
rest of the community as part of the approval process.

G. Vehicles – Each homeowner is responsible for properly parking and
storing all vehicles owned as well as those vehicles owned by guests.
Vehicle shall be defined to include a standard four (4) wheeled passenger
automobile, van or truck. Trailers, boats (motorized and non-motorized),
campers, buses, and commercial vehicles are not permitted within the
community unless stored within a closed garage. All vehicles shall be
parked within the garage or upon the homeowner’s driveway. At no time
will the homeowner’s yard be an acceptable storage or parking area for
any vehicle. Homeowners are strongly encouraged not to park vehicles on
the street.

H. Littering – Littering of any sort is unacceptable within the McClure
Place Community, including upon the common property. The common
property includes the fence line on McClure Bridge Road, Montrose
Creek Drive, and the retention pond. Littering shall include trash or
debris in general, including trash and recyclables that may escape from
refuse containers on trash/recycle pick-up day. Littering also exists in the
form of yard debris. It is the responsibility of all residents to keep their
driveways and the street clean from any leaking vehicle oils, lubricants or
other fluids.

I. Exterior Ornamentation – No artificial vegetation is permitted on the
exterior of any property. Notwithstanding the foregoing, door wreaths are
allowed. Homeowners are asked to use good judgment in selecting and
displaying any ornamentation. A homeowner who may be in doubt about
the appropriateness of any ornamentation should submit a request for
approval to the ACC. Winter holiday lights and/or other decorations may
be displayed beginning Thanksgiving Day and must be removed by the
following January 15th.

J. Window Air Conditioners – No window air conditioning units are

K. Basketball Goals – Backboards may not be attached permanently to the
exterior of any home or lot.

L. Swing Sets – Swing sets should be constructed of wood, molded plastic
or metal. Swing sets must be maintained, which includes painting. No
visible rust or broken parts will be allowed. Care should be taken in the
placement of the set so as to not interfere with a neighbor’s enjoyment of
his or her property. Swing sets are not permitted in the front yard of any

M. Mail Boxes and Property Identification Markers – Black Mailboxes with
red flags must be on a black metal post and address markers Must be consistent with
others in the subdivision as per Exhibit C, Section 11 of the Declaration of Covenants.
Due to the inability to replace the current address markers, approved NEW address markers
will have a new plate, black with gold numbers on each side.

Complete details may be found on our website at

N. Rental, For-Sale and Commercial Signs – “For Rent” and “For Sale”
signs must be no longer than two (2’) feet by two (2’) feet in size. This
includes commercial or private signs. No more than one sign per lot
is permissible. No “for sale” or “for rent” signs may be placed on any
association common property.

O. Leases – No lot owner may lease less than his entire residence. Prior to
the commencement of any such lease, the lot owner must give the
Association written notice of the name of the lessee and the term of the

P. Political Signs – Any political signs must be no larger than two (2’)
feet by two (2’) feet. The signs must not be put up earlier than twenty
one days before any political campaign and must be removed within five
days following the campaign. The ACC reserves the right to request that
any damaged, fallen, or otherwise unsightly sign be repaired or removed

Q. Pools – Georgia law prohibits a permanent pool being located within five
(5’) feet of any property line. This provision shall not restrict temporary
summer “Kiddie” pools. Care must be taken so as to not interfere with a
neighbor’s enjoyment of his or her property.

R. Animals and Pets – No owner or occupant may keep any pets other than
generally recognized household pets on any lot. No animals of any kind
may be bred or maintained for any commercial purpose on any portion
of the community. Household pets are not allowed in excessive numbers
and are not permitted to roam free. Dogs must be kept on a leash and be
under physical control of a responsible person at all times when outdoors.
No structure for the care, housing or confinement of any pets shall be
constructed or maintained in the community. It is the responsibility of the
pet owner to properly clean up pet waste, whether upon the common area
or upon any lots within the subdivision.

S. Satellite Dish – No direct broadcast satellite (DBS) antenna or multi-
channel multi-point distribution service (MMDS) larger than one meter
in diameter shall be placed, allowed, or maintained upon any portion of
the community, including a Lot. DBS and MMDS antennas may only be
installed in accordance with Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
rules and regulations and the rules and regulations of the Association, both
as may be amended from time to time. Such items shall be installed in the
least conspicuous location available on the Lot which permits reception of
an acceptable signal. Every effort shall be made to avoid placement in the
front of the dwelling.

T. Roofs – All roof replacement must be approved in writing by the Architectural Control
Committee prior to installation. Detached homes can install either gray, charcoal
or brown. All roof in the same group of attached units must have roof color in
the same family of gray or charcoal gray.

U.  Window Replacement – All windows must be double hung as is currently installed on each home.  We will accept plain glass or glass with grids as is currently installed on the windows.  All townhomes (attached homes) should be replaced with plain glass. – Dated 04/2019